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As a therapist, I am interested in working with you as an individual to look at why you're seeking therapy, what your goals are and how we can work with the issues of your own emotional growth and to profile those factors keeping that from happening.

My style is interactive, respectful, curious. I've worked as a therapist for 25 years and have a variety of approaches and models with which to fit individual personalities, styles and needs. The therapeutic relationship that we develop for the foundation for trust, safety and exploration; a testing ground for potentials, new behaviors and ways of being in the world.

The clients I work with are a diverse, creative group of people working with their lives in this very speedy world.

Some people come to therapy with:

  • overlapping psychiatric issues (e.g. PTSD, bipolar, major mood, attention deficit, dissociative disorders)
  • medical problems (e.g., cancer, HIV, chronic pain)
  • drug or alcohol mis-use
  • problematic behaviors and traits that you know - or others have impressed upon you - don't work well or just get in your way.

We come to therapy with the full complexity with which we live our lives!

All of this requires that we work under a 'big tent', bringing in as much skill, resources and perspective as we can access. With steady attention, inner conflict melds itself into choice. It's essential that we place all of your concerns into the full context of your life, your history, culture, relationships past and present and overall life experience.

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